Hangzhou Genekine Biotech Co. Ltd is a biotechnology company that dedicates to develop new technology for protein and antibody drug development. Our proprietary platform technology provides new possibilities in drug discovery, generating first-in-class and best-in-class molecules. We strive to provide efficient and premium quality services in life science.

    Genekine has established glycoengineered pichia pastoris expression system and full-length IgG pichia display system. There are many advantages of these two platforms. Similar to mammalian cell (HEK293, CHO) expression system, glycoengineered pichia pastoris contains eukaryotic internal quality control apparatus for protein correct folding and human-like N-glycosylation. Full-length IgG is displayed on pichia surface as close to native form in molecular structure, biophysical property, and biological function. FACS sorting for IgG pichia display system is based on antibody affinity and display level. The isolated antibody can be directly expressed for animal study and clinical trial. Selection of IgG in pichia display has no need of format conversion. However, selection of ScFv in phage display requires format conversion into full-length IgG, which may cause the activity loss. Unlike the mammalian cell display, IgG pichia display platform can be operated in large library size, easy genetic manipulation, fast generation time, and low-cost screening. We will provide one-stop shop service for antibody humanization, affinity maturation, and antibody production.

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    Hangzhou Jingyinkang Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

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